September 2nd, 2014
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100% of the proceeds will go to the Doctor Dribble's Helping Hands Charity. A charity that supports children that are less fortunate or overcoming traumatic experiences.

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    Hard Workers

    Labor Day is more than just a long weekend. It’s intended to reflect upon the creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to...


    BFD Hard work pays off. Five years ago I began working with a young basketball player from Puerto Rico. I’d train Erik Manuel just...

    Goal Crushing

    Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. Tony Robins said that and it is true. About 6 months ago I...

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  • 01/11/14 – Disney Half Marathon, Orlando, FL

  • 01/12/14 – Disney Marathon, Orlando, FL

  • 01/19/14 – Phoenix, AZ

  • 02/02/14 – ING Marathon, Miami, FL

  • 03/02/14 – Miami Beach 13.1, Miami Beach, FL

  • 03/09/14 – Sponsor an Athlete, Special Olympics 5K, Miami, FL

  • 03/15/14 – Washington, DC

  • 03/16/14 – Run with the Rabbi 5K, Plantation, FL

  • 03/23/14 – Dallas, TX

  • 04/06/14 – San Francisco, CA

  • 04/13/14 – Raleigh, NC

  • 05/18/14 – Portland, OR

  • 06/01/14 – San Diego, CA

  • 06/21/14 – Seattle, WA


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