November 16th, 2019
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BFD Hard work pays off. Five years ago I began working with a young basketball player from Puerto Rico. I'd train Erik Manuel just a few times each year whenever he'd come to Miami but we'd spend an intense amount of time together. He never stopped practicing the drills I'd show him on his own and every year he got better and better. Now he is entering high school in the U.S. at Montverde Academy, the #1 ranked basketball team in the country! This summer after a 20 hour week of individual...

Goal Crushing

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. Tony Robins said that and it is true. About 6 months ago I wrote down short, mid, and long term goals categorizing them by personal, professional, and health. This is all part of the Lululemon culture. There is so much going on behind the best clothes on the planet to sweat in. It had been a long time since I finished a book and if I hadn't written it down as a goal I may not have ever purchased "Wooden". Did you know...
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Congratulations Alonzo Mourning! Your "Resilience" has made your name immortal in the Basketball Hall of Fame! Zo overcame adversity after adversity throughout his life to get where he is today. Just more proof that hard work pays off and nothing great ever comes easy. If you want something bad enough you can find a way. Nothing is impossible. His son Tre will be playing at Georgetown next year following in his dad's footsteps. I worked with Tre when he was just a child and watched him develop...

Ordinary Human

He wasn't a wizard. He wasn't perfect. John Wooden was "The Indiana Rubber Man" who as a basketball player was known for his suicidal dives on the hardcourt. He was one of the greatest players of his time winning a high school state championship and a college national championship. John Wooden was named a collegiate All American three consecutive years, the first to ever do it. He was also the first to ever be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame both as a player and a coach. In 2006...