February 24th, 2020
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Learning To Walk

I'm learning to walk again. The Chicago Marathon took everything out of me. Once I got back to Miami I went straight to my chiropractor, Dr. Creed, and let him work his magic. I couldn't work out last week so I saw him three days. Dr. Creed is one of the most positive men I have ever known. HIs energy is contagious. He not only makes you feel better physically, Dr. Creed inspires you to be a better person! His number to make an appointment is 305-446-1718. New York City is up next. In two...

Winner! Winner!

The Chicago Marathon was filled with emotion. I won. In the words of Meb "As long as we got the best out of ourselves, we are winners. That's the definition of success. You can't say only #1 is the winner." There were so many times my body felt like it was going to shut down but I persevered. The cheers from more than a million spectators was inspiring. Fans screaming "Doctor Dribble!" I heard every single one. I tried to yell back but there were times I didn't have a enough breath. Those...
Run W Drib

Handle It

I'm excited for so many things. Marathon season is here. In less than a week I'll be dribbling my way through the Windy City. Whenever I'm run full marathons and a negative thought sneaks into my head, I immediately replace it with something positive. I think about the food I'm going to eat in celebration, my girlfriend waiting for me at the finish line, Sponge and all the hard work he puts in daily at WVU, you the people that follow me and read my blog, and the kids I work with through my...