April 5th, 2020
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April 28th, 2014

Sorry Lil Ball, I’d love to celebrate on hump day with you but duty calls. Wednesday, my birthday will be spent in Whistler, Canada thanks to Lululemon Athletica. I’ll be representing South Miami at this year’s Ambassador Summit. I’m even bringing a little Heat with me.

A lot shaking and baking in the NBA Playoffs. Unfortunately there’s been a black cloud hanging over them since the rant caught on tape by L.A. Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling went viral. It’s sad that the players and coaches have to suit up and give it their all for an owner that’s making racial remarks. As a fan I’m torn to decide whether I want to route for them because I feel bad for the players or against them because of the racist owner! I’m sure the NBA will do the right thing.

Being away for your birthday has it’s perks. Like the excuse to celebrate it before and after! It was a fun birthday surprise at Roasters n Toasters when everyone came out singing with the candles and all. I wasn’t sure if we were still at Roasters or had gone to Liv! Prime Fish was the real deal for dinner with Magda and my parents. Bengay was amongst the many random topics of discussion.

Nothing like watching the fruit of your labor pay off. Over the weekend I got to go to two of my students’ basketball games. Jace and Luke both played fantastic and used many of the moves we work on during our private lessons. Congrats to Luke’s Miami City Ballers on winning the championship! Many great players on that team including sons of LeBron James and Juwan Howard. I like their socks. Very soon I’ll tell you why I may never have to worry about socks with holes!

Last Monday was Earth Day but let’s continue to go green!


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