April 5th, 2020
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My Ambitions As A Writer

Besides Michael Jordan, my favorite basketball player of all time is Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon. Sadly the only book I’ve ever read cover to cover was his autobiography “Living The Dream.” That was in high school. This year I will read another book. It’s also a biography. Written by Seth Davis, “Wooden” is all about the life of my favorite coach and his philosophies for success. One day I will have a published book too. I aspire to inspire!

Tuesday, I instructed a basketball clinic for the boys and girls of Thunder Athletix at the American Airlines Arena, home of my Miami Heat! That wasn’t the best part though. I got to work once again with the legend himself, Ron “The Shot Doctor” Perry! He played in the ABA and was a guest speaker at basketball camp when I was a kid. Ron is one of the best shooters, coaches, and people I know. It was an honor. Thunder Athletix is a new gymnasium in Doral, FL that hosts leagues for adults and youth plus more.

Raleigh, North Carolina is where me and the blonde bombshell were this weekend. I dribbled through another Rock n Roll Half Marathon. Competitor Group hosts the best race series ever! I fed off the crowd’s energy as I took requests for between the legs, behind the back, crossovers, high fives, and more. Thank you to all of the volunteers that came out. Especially the ones that poured water into my mouth as I kept my dribble and the police officer I shake and baked around mile 8! For me, it was the perfect race until I heard about the two tragedies. In an endurance race anything is possible. I’m not sure of the details but I’d like to remind people to listen to their bodies and drink plenty of water. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the two men that didn’t cross the finish line.

More than the marathon, me and Magda enjoyed Raleigh as much as possible. We went to different parks like Lake Crabtree, Lake Johnson, and the NCMA Greenway. Since I like to multitask, we walked the parks with garbage bags and picked up trash. In between we also practiced some handstands and crow poses. Our first meal was at The Pit, featured on Man vs Food. Sami quickly became our best friend as he served us some delicious comfort food. We also loved Beasley’s, and had a romantic dinner at 2nd Empire. Still, I can’t wait to have breakfast Monday morning at Roaster’s n Toaster’s in Pinecrest! Then a Passover Seder later in the evening.

Congrats to all the Super Spartans! Newton’s Method represented as strong as always! I’m not sure how but I heard Doctor Dribble was there and finished 1st in his age group or was it was my twin Tommy Bravo? The most interesting man, Chef Perse, and everyone’s favorite Lululemon husband and wife completed completed Half Ironman’s. The training at Newton’s Method will not only make you healthy, sexy, and strong; it will prepare you for anything!

And now back to my book,


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