April 5th, 2020
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I’ve been sick since the spin-a-thon at M-Cycle. It was totally worth it. We brought the community together and raised a total of $2,675.00 for the Chicago Diabetes Project. It’s not to late to contribute at:

Congrats Johnny! Sponge’s older brother, a star wide receiver and punt returner for the University of Cincinnati, won his first game this weekend. Both Johnny and Jonathan had to sit out a year after transferring from Junior Colleges. I’m so proud of both of them for sticking with their programs despite not being able to play. In high school Johnny bagged groceries to help his family rather than play football. He walked on to a JUCO and earned a scholarship to University of Cincinnati but had to red shirt last year and worked as a cook at Buffalo Wild Wings. Now he’s punt returning and catching bombs! Nothing can stop these brothers! I never followed football until now. Go BearCats! Basketball season is almost here and I can’t wait to see Sponge use the up and under move in Puerto Rico! His drop steps into jump hooks and up and unders get me more pumped up than his electrifying dunks. Probably because I didn’t teach him how to dunk. Sponge was doing that in 6th grade! West Virginia will go dancing this year!! Maybe I’ll bring Lil Ball and she’ll post some videos on our new YouTube channel: Doctor Dribble’s Lil Ball. #TeamHolton

I’ve run 21 half marathons and 9 full marathons with 2 basketballs but I’ll never forget the feeling going into my 1st one. I was hardly nervous. It’s crazy how ignorance can be bliss. I’m just under a month away from The Chicago Marathon and I’m starting to worry but that’s good. That feeling is what motivates me to run everyday. I suppose that means something epic is about to happen. Thank you Footworks for helping me fit into some new shoes. If you plan on buying a new pair of running shoes please talk to the good folks at Footworks. They are experts at analyzing your technique and fitting you into the best shoe for you! They have locations in South Miami and South Beach.

Being sick reminded me that my 100% varies. Let’s face it, some days are simply better than others. What’s important is to always do your best, even if your best yesterday is better than today’s best. I apply this to the clients I see multiple times throughout the week. In the end what counts is making the effort to push yourself to whatever is possible. Compete against yourself everyday. If you work hard you win. No excuses. Always give your 100%. Whatever that might be.

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