March 29th, 2020
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Bird’s The Word

September 22,

If I’m in a position to help someone, I will. I find it to be a privilege rather than a burden. To give is to receive. This past week a peach of a woman and a tremendous golfer helped me package a box of gifts to send Sponge at WVU. We all wrote letters to show we are always thinking about him. I sent him a couple of things that could turn out to be very instrumental in his development. He knows what to do. I just want one thing in return…a drop step into an up and under!

Lululemon, as always, is up to some pretty cool stuff. They sent a number of male ambassadors from all over to attend their own Man Camp. I’m happy for Sean Velas of Cross Fit Soul for getting the opportunity to go from Miami. I just met this cool guru of handstands in sending him out along with Rafa and Jose. We all went stand up paddle boarding for nearly two hours along Sunset Island, Miami Beach. Was truly impressed when Sean pulled off a legit handstand on his paddle board like a machine! I managed to do a crow pose without falling in the water. We saw a dolphin while we were out there that reminded me of the close encounter me and Lil Ball had with the human of the sea about two years ago. That was a very romantic weekend!

Fellow ambadassador Pablo Lucero, one of the best yoga instructors of all time! (Kanye voice), and I are ready to collaborate on something HUGE! We combined brain power in a breakthrough depth and imagination session at the Lululemon South Miami store with Laura Yoney. Anything is possible but it all starts with a vision. It’s good to discuss your goals with other people. Not only can they help with an additional perspective and inspire, you are at the same time speaking something into existence. Try it! Worst that can happen is nothing. Oh, but there is so much to possibly gain! I look forward to running at least 10 miles with Pablo on Wednesday and then taking his yoga class at Equinox around 11:00am.

I’ve always followed basketball. I love and appreciate it at all levels. Football on the other hand has been difficult for me. I didn’t grow up in a football house. It was just never a priority, until now thanks to Johnny Holton of University of Cincinnati! That’s Sponge’s brother. Congrats on another win and your touch down! Watching sports is fun but when you have someone to route for it’s that much more meaningful. I don’t particularly care for golf but if someone I care about is passionate about it then I’d probably start to learn a little bit at a time and even go to their tournament. I love supporting people in what they love.

The art of perfecting a craft is a beautiful thing. I began reading a new book over the weekend, “Driven” an autobiography of Larry Bird. After the first page, I couldn’t put it down. I set a new PR for most pages read at once! I’m excited about that accomplishment and even more excited to read about Larry Legend in his own words. By the way, once he fell in love with basketball at age 14, he became obsessed with it. Basketball became his life and all he wanted to do. His work ethic was unmatched and he made no excuses. As a result, Larry improved at a rapid pace going from barely playing on his high school team to getting recruited by the top universities in the country! Very inspiring!

This weekend I ran and ran and ran! It feels almost like I’m in high school trying to cram before a test. Except it isn’t a test I’m preparing for, it’s the Bank United Chicago Marathon! A few of us from Newton’s Method are running it. Me, Nick, and Danny will be repping strong while the head cheerleader of a Canadian Boarding School get’s us fired up! Saturday we all did a 5K to support Miami Children’s Hospital, even Yopa and my favorite Master Life Coach! Sunday we got serious. 20 miles is the most I’ve ran since my last marathon in February. It was tough be we all got through it and feel more confident than before. I always believed that confidence should come from preparation. Otherwise it’s just ego.

I can’t wait for the week ahead. It’s an opportunity for something new. A new year!!! Wednesday is Rosh Hashanah and Lil Ball will be going to her first ever service. I know she is more excited than me but I’m very happy to spend another holiday with her by my side. We do so many different things together, perhaps we could have our own reality show. Would you watch it? You never know!

To stop giving is to stop living,


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