April 5th, 2020
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Somebody told me when I was a kid “Every day you’re not working, someone else is getting better.” It motivated me so much that I even printed it on a banner and hung it up in my room. Remember when you were young? I was a spaceman and still sort of am. All these things that I’ve done are reflections of my dreams. I’m the same flesh and bone as anyone but my attitude is that of Mr. Brightside. Ask the runaways and they’ll tell you this river is wild. I would tell them to smile like you mean it. I consider myself battle born. I like to finish on top after working hard to be the best I can possibly be. I’m only human but that’s not an excuse. It’s a reason to succeed. Imagine all that you are capable of. What’s stopping you? The only person getting in the way of your future is you. If you could read my mind you’d see a fear of failure but my biggest fear is not taking a shot at the night.


Everyday counts so I wake up early to get off to a great start. I try to save time and work efficiently. That’s probably why I fell in love with Laceclips. I never have to tie my shoes anymore. I bought a bunch of Miami Heat Laceclips online at www.laceclips.com. I wore them on game day vs the Celtics and my Heat won! We were without Dwyane Wade but our youth stepped up big. Tyler Johnson was on his last day of a 10 day contract and took full advantage of his opportunity. I tell my players to always be ready because everyone gets an opportunity at one point or another. Johnson, all over the place with his high energy play, finished with 13 points 9 rebounds, and 4 assists. James Ennis also provided a spark but the biggest story for Heat Nation has been the sudden emergence of Hassan Whiteside. Our new paint protector had a game high 20 points and 9 rebounds. I never would’ve guessed at the beginning of the season I’d be blogging about Tyler Johnson, James Ennis, or Hassan Whiteside. If you don’t know these names, now you know!


Next for me could be a race in Ft Lauderdale but I’m also getting calls from Puerto Rico to run in their World’s Best 10K March 1st. Perhaps I could do a basketball clinic there the same time. The last one was a huge success with little time and I’ve been getting asked to do another. There is a lot in store for Doctor Dribble. Sometimes I wish I could clone myself because there is so much I’d like to do but I believe you can spread yourself too thin and try focussing on one thing at a time. I suppose if there is one thing missing from this blog it’s the Super Bowl. More important than watching the game for me is sharing the presence of others. I was fortunate to have done that. I never really followed football much but that isn’t going to stop me from celebrating with friends. Best of luck to everyone this week. Make the most of your opportunities. We may not know when they are coming but best believe they are. If not, create an opportunity for yourself with hard work.


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