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Father’s Day

June 16th, 2014

While the temperature in Miami was burning hot, the hearts of heat fans turned ice cold as we watched our great team get defeated by a superior one. The San Antonio Spurs are unique. They’re the most international team in NBA history. They are the most humble team I’ve ever witnessed. No one is too good to be criticized by their coach. The ball movement was so incredible they didn’t depend on any one player. They respect each other and their opponents. As Kawhi Leonard won the NBA Finals MVP his teammates couldn’t be happier for him. His story reminds me a little of Rocky Balboa. He wasn’t even an all-star yet emerged as the most valuable player on the championship team consisting of three future hall of famers! I’m disappointed my Heat couldn’t three peat but I’m proud of what they’ve accomplished as an organization. We couldn’t have lost to a better team. I’m sure, just like San Antonio, we will come back stronger and more determined next season.

Despite the Heat getting blown out 3 straight games, I had a productive week. I ran a basketball program at Fired Up Youth Sports Summer Camp in Boca, and paid a visit to Court’s 1on1, and Biscayne Park. I also worked with many individuals on their physical conditioning and overall game. It feels good making a difference in other’s growth.

There’s no better way to lead than by example. I’ve maintained my diet of egg whites, fish, fruit, and veggies at Roaster’s n Toasters. A healthy lifestyle is more than just eating right, I’ve trained everyday. A combination of gravity, cardio lab, kettlebells, and the streets at Newton’s Method is just what this doctor prescribes. I also did some yoga and dribbling workouts. No matter what you do the key to success is consistency.

Father’s Day was great! I got a beautiful text from Sponge. Earlier in the week we had a great workout together through FaceTime. Distance can’t stop us from working together. Sunday I spent time with my father. I got him a metal vent shirt from Lululemon that matches his blue eyes. We went to the mall and I helped him pick out some nice items and had a great dinner together. Just the two of us. I learned so much from the original Coach Weissman and feel fortunate to have someone as great as him always in my corner.

Next weekend I’ll be in Seattle for another Rock n Roll half marathon. Last year I did the full and am so happy to be going back! It’s a beautiful run and an unbelievable city. With no NBA team in Seattle I’ll try to provide as much entertainment as possible throughout the weekend. I’ll be placing an order for basketballs very soon to host a clinic with underprivileged kids and donate them. If you’d like to contribute you can by clicking on the link for my charity, Doctor Dribble’s Helping Hands.

Still Heat Nation,




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