April 5th, 2020
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I’m excited for so many things. Marathon season is here. In less than a week I’ll be dribbling my way through the Windy City. Whenever I’m run full marathons and a negative thought sneaks into my head, I immediately replace it with something positive. I think about the food I’m going to eat in celebration, my girlfriend waiting for me at the finish line, Sponge and all the hard work he puts in daily at WVU, you the people that follow me and read my blog, and the kids I work with through my charity Doctor Dribble’s Helping Hands (donations can be made at www.doctordribble.com/charity and are tax deductible). Controlling your thoughts will lead to a happier, healthier, and wealthier life. No great accomplishment comes easy. Everyone has bad days and it’s natural for doubts to formulate. The faster you counter those toxic temptations the sooner you will crush your goal. It’s easier to quit but quitting won’t get you anywhere.

Congrats to everyone that raced this past weekend. I am inspired by your posts on social media. They help me envision myself crossing the finish line of my upcoming races. Mad respect to anyone that trains their hardest to do their best until the time comes to show your unrelenting work ethic. I instill discipline in all my basketball clients. Competition brings out the best in others. Knowing that someone you’ve never encountered before is training to outperform you when you go toe to toe should make you do everything you can to prepare.

One of the most dedicated players I’ve coached celebrated a birthday last week. Happy birthday Austin Keel! AK is now a senior, and starting shooting guard, at University of Central Michigan. He isn’t where he is by accident and nobody ever gave him anything. Austin worked his butt off everyday to silence his critics. He would travel from Orlando to Miami so he could spend weekends and vacations with me getting better. After winning a high school state championship and starting at a D1 university those that doubted realize they made a mistake. You can never discredit a person’s burning desire to succeed. Anyone willing to sacrifice whatever it takes will come out on top. How bad do you want it?

Basketball season is on deck. Sponge began official practice at West Virginia. Being a student athlete requires dedication. He runs on the track at 6am, has strength training in weight room, individual skill work, team practice, and open gym. Not to mention being a full time student. I’m proud of him and Austin. They are learning how to prosper through life’s challenges.

With the stress of my next marathon around the corner it’s nice to have some outlets as I taper down. This weekend I did some hot yoga with Lil Ball, played golf with Roman, caught a movie, watched Jace play a game against older competition, read some more of Larry Bird’s autobiography “Drive”, and trained clients. Magda and I had a great time taking pics with Jess for Lululemon South Miami’s newsletter and I have another photo shoot with fellow ambassador Matt Roy for Lululemon’s official blog! I can’t wait to see what Rob puts together for the readers. With a lot going on and more to look forward to I’m just trying to control the things I can control, relax, and stay focused.

See you at the finish line,


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