April 5th, 2020
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Hard Workers

Labor Day is more than just a long weekend. It’s intended to reflect upon the creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. Throughout American history, workers had to fight to get better pay and shorter hours. Even if it meant going on strike as the Pullman workers did in 1894 on the American Railroad. The ripple effect of the union movement has contributed in large to what makes America so great!

I hope everyone had a happy Labor Day Weekend! I spent mine creating more adventures with Lil Ball. I took her to the Eau Resort in Palm Beach where we ran, walked, biked, swam, did natural instincts, saw the sunrise and sunset, watched movies, and ate some amazing seafood! The bike ride was perhaps my favorite part. We biked along the ocean and stopped in different places to take pictures. It was also good practice for our Spin-a-thon at M-Cycle September 5th to raise money for Diabetes. Space is now very limited as many of you have already signed up. If you haven’t reserved your bike you need to call M-Cycle at 305-665-1618 ASAP before they are all gone! Thank you to everyone that’s ryding out with us for such a great cause! It’s going to be a party! We’ve got sponsors like Vita Coco, Panther Coffee, Boxed Water, Superfood Bars, Nutrabolics, and Janice Lima-Maribona MD. If you can not attend but still would like to contribute just copy and paste the link: https://secure.e2rm.com/registrant/mobile/mobilePersonalPage.aspx?registrationID=2501942&langPref=en-CA&Referrer=direct%2fnone

Do more of what you love. When you do something with passion, it reaches out and touches others. Pursue your dreams. It’s never too early or too late but now is a good time. You can’t put a price on happiness and when you’re inspired to do what you’re best at, you will become rich in many ways. The movie “Chef” reminded me of that. It was one of my favorites. If you haven’t seen it yet it is a must see.


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