April 5th, 2020
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Heat Wave

June 9th, 2014

Things got Heated in San Antonio for Game 1 of the NBA Finals. So hot that the fans in the AT&T Center used their noise makers as fans to cool themselves off rather than cheer. LeBron took the majority of the heat when his body cramped up and wasn’t able to finish the game as Miami was defeated. John Wooden said “not preparing is preparing to fail,” but nobody expected the AC to malfunction causing temperatures to rise up to 90 degrees! All great players bounce back like round ball. LeBron was smooth like a ninja in game 2, aggressive and smart! Always attacking and making the right play, cramp-free! What will go unnoticed is that I was given a bag of lucky Miami Heat M&M’s which helped us win and was “The Real MVP!”

Wednesday was National Running Day and I was so happy to see how much the sport/activity has taken off. The things I love most about running are that it doesn’t cost anything, you can do it anytime, by yourself, with friends, use run clubs to socialize, be competitive, use it to travel, set goals for yourself, inspire others,  support a cause, and burn a ton of calories! I ran with a few hundred people at the Kendall Run Club. We did a nice 5K followed up with music and giveaways. I lost count of how many times runners asked me “where are your balls?” I just laughed.

Don’t like to run? Two days later was National Donut Day! I enjoyed looking at all the pics on Instagram of creative donuts but that’s as far as my celebration went. I’ve been on my Doctor Dribble Diet. Eating egg whites, salmon, tuna, lentil soup, salads, lots of veggies, and fruit. What you eat has a direct impact your mood, performance, and productivity. Regardless if you choose to eat for fuel or for fun there is no better place than Roaster’s n Toaster’s!

Wanna know what’s SUP? Stand up paddle boarding is what’s SUP! I tried it for the first time this weekend with my Lululemon family and took a yoga class on the water in Key Biscayne! I fell off a few times but it’s all good. The best way to evolve is steping outside your comfort zone. I love the beach, yoga, and great company! The water relaxes me and the smell is intoxicating. I get high on life when I’m at the beach and would go everyday if I could. By the way, LeBron took a yoga class the morning of game 2 in San Antonio. Yoga is so good for the mind, body, and spirit!

My family is beyond blood. Newton’s Method is not only where I transformed my body but where I formed a bond with some of my closest friends. Their support is a direct result of my success. It’s appropriate I mention how much I love them. Chris brought back “The Streets,” Sundays at 8:00am. There was a zero percent chance I would miss it! We ran 6 miles including some sprints, and exercises along the way. I recommend it for anyone that wants to get in a good run with even better people!

Speaking of family, Father’s Day is around the corner. I love my Dad, who’s done so much more for me than he ever had to. He not only says “I love you,” I feel it. He hates the comparisons to Larry David but my father can be quite the character. I saw a very funny movie on HBO called “Clear History” with Larry David acting in the same manner we’re used to seeing him on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Although I’m not his biological father, Sponge has been a son to me. He’s working hard at West Virginia University and will be home for 4th of July. I can’t wait to see him. Not just to work him out in person rather than through FaceTime but to see his smile and spend some quality time together. Sponge is an inspiration. If you don’t know, expect to see him on ESPN a lot next season. I wonder if at 6’9″ he can fit into anything at Lululemon. I’ll certainly bring him into the store.

My Heatles My Heatles,


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