April 5th, 2020
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Learning To Walk

I’m learning to walk again. The Chicago Marathon took everything out of me. Once I got back to Miami I went straight to my chiropractor, Dr. Creed, and let him work his magic. I couldn’t work out last week so I saw him three days. Dr. Creed is one of the most positive men I have ever known. HIs energy is contagious. He not only makes you feel better physically, Dr. Creed inspires you to be a better person! His number to make an appointment is 305-446-1718.

New York City is up next. In two weeks I’ll return to my birthplace to put on another 26.2 mile show. It’s very difficult but I enjoy entertaining the crowd and inspiring other runners. I raised close to $3,000 for The Chicago Diabetes Project in honor of this race. That makes it even more meaningful. I always dribble for charity. Doctor Dribble’s Helping Hands is my way of giving back. I give brand new basketballs to underprivileged kids and provide them with free clinics. Please go to www.doctordribble.com/charity to make a tax free donation.

The basketball season is finally about to begin! My Miami Heat may not have LeBron anymore but don’t count them out. I expect Chris Bosh to be more aggressive and Dwyane Wade to remind everyone that he is a superstar. I predict the top 4 teams in the East to be:


My prediction for the top teams in the West are:

1-San Antonio
2-LA Clippers

College basketball just had their midnight madness. Sponge played in a Blue vs Gold game in front of his West Virginia fans. I can’t wait to go with Lil Ball to see him play in Puerto Rico next month. The Big 12 is one of the most competitive conferences in the NCAA and Sponge will have his chance to show the world what he’s got. Almost ALL of his games will be played on ESPN. His brother Johnny is ballin on the football field at University of Cinncinati. Saturday he scored another touchdown and made some more great plays! I’m so proud of both of them for getting it done both in and out of the spotlight. So much responsibility goes into being a collegiate athlete. It’s one of the hardest things.

Sunday was my first workout since Chicago. It was a feel good workout. Being with Magda always feels good. We opened up the doors to Newton’s Method and sweat. My body is ready to take on some kettlebells, ropes, and gravity. With NY around the corner I plan on taking it easy but can no longer sit idle.

Crushing marathons, one at a time,


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