April 5th, 2020
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March Madness

This is always one of my favorite times of the year. The NCAA tournament is filled with so many emotions. Watching all the upsets reminds me that no matter the odds, anything is possible and never take your opponent for granted. My bracket like everyone’s is busted. My Final Four is Florida, Michigan St, Wisconsin, and Duke with the Gators winning another Championship.

“Two sets of threes”: Never lie, never cheat, never steal. Don’t whine, don’t complain, don’t make excuses. This is something John Wooden’s father, Hugh, passed onto him. I attribute much of what I do to my father. He’s a mensch with a big heart. This weekend was his birthday and I’m happy he spent it while on vacation with my mom. My father instilled similar principles in me that I try my best to follow. Sponge showed me love on Instagram this weekend. It made my day to read his kind words. Being a father figure at age 23 was no easy task but the reward of seeing him succeed in college is priceless!

Random acts of kindness are what keep the world spinning. I was in Dallas for Run Rock n Roll’s Dallas Half Marathon and the karma loop started right at the airport. When picking up my rental car the man helping me asked about the basketballs so I gave him the brief story. He asked me to show him something so I started doing my thing right there and everyone pulled out their phone to record it. I guess they were entertained because that 2 minute show got me a free upgrade! Speaking of passing things down. I was parking my rental car in Dallas this weekend for the expo and the person who’s spot I took, got out of their car and handed me their parking ticket. It didn’t expire until 11:50PM and saved me $12. Better than the money was the kind act. I did the same for the person that took my spot. I asked them to keep it going. It would be cool if they did.

The day before Rock n Roll Dallas I went to visit Children’s Medical Center thanks to friend, fellow Lululemon team member, and SA2LV runner Michael Hawley. In the hospital I got to meet many battling patients. I brought my basketballs and put on a demonstration for them. I also gave out some basketballs and t-shirts. We did art, played video games, board games, and basketball on the kiddy hoop. One of the children couldn’t get enough. He was only 7 years old and had an IV connected to his arm but was shooting, dribbling, and passing with me for at least 30 minutes non stop! He loves the Mavericks and is appropriately named after the greatest of all time!

Like Joan Jett, I love Rock n Roll! The Dallas Half Marathon was a blast from start to finish! The American Authors totally rocked it! I’ve been playing them in “Cardio Lab” Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 8:30am at Newton’s Method so to see them on stage after running 13.1 miles was an awesome surprise! I can’t wait for my next two Rock n Roll race’s April 6th in San Francisco and April 13th in Raleigh. Until then you can find me eating egg whites at the best place for breakfast and lunch, Roasters n Toasters!

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