April 5th, 2020
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Inspirations – Doctor Dribble Speaks at Inspirations for Youth and Families

Inspirations – Doctor Dribble Speaks at Inspirations for Youth and Families


20140228_113250Darren Weissman (better known as his alter ego Doctor Dribble) spoke about the importance of setting goals on Friday, February 28th. He should know. Doctor Dribble has set and met multiple goals for himself over the years, including running an Iron Man competition even though he was not an experienced biker or swimmer. He also holds the Guinness World Record for running the fastest marathon while dribbling two basketballs.

Setting a daily goal is one of the most important ways to be healthy! Your daily goal can be something as simple as making your bed everyday or not being late to school. Theo, a teenager at Inspirations, said his daily goal was to make someone’s day. Doctor Dribble pointed out that just saying a simple “thank you” can be enough to make someone else’s day. He’s right. Being grateful is important. Many times, we get so wrapped up in our own lives and we forget to be grateful for what we have. Practice being grateful by saying thank you to someone who does something nice for you.

Setting goals also helps you to feel proud of yourself when you accomplish that goal. Setting a daily goal can help you to set bigger, future goals like going to college, getting a great job, or starting a new business. In recovery, a typical daily goal is to stay sober for the next 24 hours. “One day at a time” is a helpful mantra to remember. Setting a goal for the day reminds you that you need to accomplish that goal, just as you need to accomplish your bigger goals. Practice makes perfect. If you set and meet a goal everyday, you will be ready to take on the huge goals for your future!

Doctor Dribble also discussed physical and mental strength during his speech. It’s easy to test physical strength. How do you test mental strength, however? Doctor Dribble posed this question to the audience. John, a teenager in the program, responded by saying that someone who is able to control their anger is mentally strong. You can control anger by taking a deep breath and walking away from the situation that is making you angry. Doctor Dribble told the audience that using your breath can help you feel more calm and relaxed.

Following his speech, Doctor Dribble wowed the audience with his amazing dribbling skills. He even was able to do a one-handed push up, while dribbling a basketball. Doctor Dribble likes to prove that nothing is impossible, a message that he made abundantly clear to the audience.

Source:  Inspirations
Author:  Sarah Samuels