December 6th, 2019
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Unique Me Magazine – Man With Heart

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Unique Me Magazine – Man With Heart

When you think of someone that gives of themselves, selflessly, the first thing you think of is a woman. It may be a well-known socialite that donates her time and resources to numerous causes. There is that teacher always sacrificing to make sure the students have all they need to succeed in school. It is rare to hear about a young, professional “man” that has made it a point to use his time, talent or career to make a difference. So, the team at Unique Me, together with the help of Magda Lopez from @Atrevete, Inc., decided it was time to recognize the Man with Heart.

It was not an easy task picking just one, so we have shared with you the ultimate winner (chosen by you – our readers) Darren Weissman a/k/a Doctor Dribble; as well as the two runner ups: Michael Martinez a/k/a Coach Mikey and Royal Sylvester Webster Ill. Each of these men are to be admired for their dedication.

Your Winner…Doctor Dribble

He walks like an old man, although he is only thirty-one years old. It is evident that this basketball skills specialist pushes his body to the limit. He is presently training to defend his title as the World’s fastest marathon runner dribbling two basketballs at once. Yes, world record defense is on his agenda.

Darren Weissman is a personal trainer at Newton’s Method Gym in South Miami. He teaches a class named CARDIO LAB. In this class Darren says, “Anything goes, but the end result is always a challenge.” A challenge that will leave you feeling exhausted, and at the same time, invigorated and accomplished.

When he wears his suit and tie, and transforms himself into the philanthropist known as “Doctor Dribble”, his priorities change instantly.

He walks around a children’s hospital as if he was curing illnesses himself. He spreads smiles and hope to all patients. He looks at a toddler and an eighteen year old in the eye. Darren changes the life of anyone he comes into contact with.

His coaching abilities range from children to NBA players the same. His slow, methodical techniques result in children adoring him, parents soliciting his services and NBA players hiring him privately.

Darren took care of and fostered a child, Jonathan Holton a/k/a Sponge. What young adult assumes the awesome responsibility of caring for a teenager? Sponge is now set to play basketball for the Division 1 powerhouse West Virginia University. Darren can proudly take credit for mentoring him and basically leading Sponge to a successful and fruitful future. What does the future hold for the first Unique Me Man with Heart? Knowing Darren, there are no limits. He can do anything. He never stops or settles. Miami-Dade County is fortunate to have so many good men. Darren or Doctor Dribble, however you know him best is in a league of his own! This man oozes heart!!!

“Our Kids”, the charity of Darren’s choice has and will benefit from his many achievements and endless goal oriented ideas. “Our Kids” specializes in placing foster children who are abused, neglected and abandoned in permanent homes while supporting them along the way.

For more information about ‘”Our Kids” visit

Source:  Unique Me Magazine – Summer 2013 – Issue 5

Co-written by:  Magda Lopez, Christy Paez & Michelle Rinaudo