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Persistence Pays

Sept 29th, 2014

Persistence pays off. Life is like a marathon. It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish. At times things seem so far they’re out of reach. In some marathons I can’t see the finish line until the last 400 meters but I know it’s there and I know I’m going to cross it! The key to crushing a major long term goal is to do something every day to help you get there. Remember that every expert was once a novice.

I instill work ethic in all my young clients. More important than teaching them the game of basketball is teaching them how to work hard. The only way to realize your full potential is by staying on track. The unanimous #1 reason why people fail at their goals is because they give up. Just imagine if you worked hard everyday and didn’t quit until you got where you wanted. Anything is possible.

One of my longest clients, Alyssa Baron, signed her first professional contract to play basketball in Israel. She began working with me in elementary school. She always loved the game and has never been scared of anyone. She would play up with older girls or in boys leagues and be the toughest player on the court. Her passion eventually resulted in a burning desire to train harder than anyone and learn the game from every angle. After making 1st Team All-State in High School she became the first freshman to lead the Ivy League in scoring at PENN. Her senior year, Alyssa won the Ivy League Championship and was named Player of the Year. This summer she continued to put in work at Newton’s Method and is in the best shape of her life as she should be. The offseason is where seasons are made. Best of luck in Israel!

Another player I saw evolve, Shawn Jones, is now the newest member of the Miami Heat. He played some AAU with Sponge and they also battled against each other in high school. Every time I saw Sean play I noticed how he’d gotten better. By his senior year Shawn’s mid range shot developed, he started using jump hooks as well as up and unders, and he was running faster and looking stronger. In his four years at Middle Tennessee State he continued to improve each year and so did the team. He eventually was named Conference Player of the Year. Now the same kid I saw in a gym trying out for a travel team six years ago just signed with the Miami Heat!

Walking down the streets of South Miami you never know who you’ll come across. I’m humbled when people I haven’t met before come up to me and say they enjoy following me on Instagram or Facebook. Last week me and Magda The Magnificent took a kettlebell class with Big O at Newtons Method and went to dinner at Town. As we were walking towards our car Magda squeezed my hand tightly and I noticed Ray Allen sitting with his wife Shannon. We made eye contact, I nodded my head in respect to the greatest shooter of all time, and continued to walk. Then I heard a voice say “Doctor Dribble” and I turned and it was Ray! Turns out he follows me on Instagram and we began chatting. Ray has always had a reputation around the league for being the ultimate professional. He’s consistently the first one in the gym and the last to leave. I’ve always been a fan of his and before Doctor Dribble, my company’s name was Got Game, taken from the movie “He Got Game.”

Another great movie with Denzel Washington is out. “The Equalizer” is action packed and will have you on the edge of your seat! Lil ball was bouncing up and down the entire time. She also does that when we watch Impractical Jokers. We love those guys! I have just as much fun watching her as I do the show! Whether you’re a marathon runner, basketball player, actor, or just a joker, be the best you can possibly be. Don’t loose sight of your ultimate goal and work hard towards it everyday.

See you at the top,


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