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The Ripple Effect

July 14, 2014

The Ripple Effect

Every action has a reaction. We as people so small have the ability to change a world so big. When our lights shine it give others the inspiration to do wonderful things.

A month ago I received a hand written letter in the mail from a fellow Lululemon ambassador across the country. Katie Be Happyy had a bold request to participate in a challenge on social media. All she was asking for was to perform random acts of kindness for 10 days and post them on social media. Not only would I be supporting my bliss army peer, making a difference in my community, and inspiring others, I learned that every post would raise a dollar for The One Love Movement, a charity that helps homeless teens. It was an easier decision then the one LeBron made to return home to Cleveland but in the words of Kermit “that’s none of my business.”

I’m on day 7 of the challenge and it’s brought nothing but joy. I’ve fed the homeless, honored a friend, given away a basketball, helped a handicap gentleman shop, fulfilled a request for an instructional video, delivered food to fans, and today donated clothes to Goodwill. The best part is knowing that each recipient of my good deed will pay it forward to someone else. It’s the ripple effect.

Always Heat Nation,


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