April 5th, 2020
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Basketball Training

Precisely develop good habits that will elevate your game from Doctor Dribble. Whether you’re a beginner learning the fundamentals or a pro seeking an edge, you only get out what you put in. Doctor Dribble’s meticulous method of instructing will change the way you look at basketball. An inch is the difference between a made or a missed shot, a blocking foul or a charge, an assist or a turnover. Details are what separate the good and great players. Learn from the best and handle your success!

In-Person Training

Basketball Training Private Lessons Semi-Private Lessons Team Practices & Clinics
 Per Hour $150 $100 per person $250
 Package – 20 Hours $3,000 $2,000 per person

Online Training

Receive 1 on 1 private training from Doctor Dribble regardless of your current location! Using Skype or FaceTime, Doctor Dribble can teach you progressive ball control drills and be your personal coach! Give yourself the ultimate advantage and get a prescription to break ankles!

Basketball Training Private Lessons
 Per Hour $150
 Package – 20 Hours $3,000

Personal Training

Transform your body into a machine or simply look and feel your best! Through functional training you will get more in less time than you expect. Build muscle, burn fat, perform better and improve your quality of life. Health is wealth! Doctor Dribble is a certified personal trainer working with men and women of all ages and levels. Sign up now to discover your optimal level of fitness.

Physical Training Personal Training Semi-Private Training Team Training
 Per Hour $150 $100 $250
 Package – 20 Hours $3,000 $2,000

Personal Appearances

Entertain, Inspire, Educate.

Anything is possible with energy and persistence. I enjoy sharing my unique story to motivate others while incorporating some fun basketball demonstrations at the same time! I speak at schools, offices, camps, and events. If you’d like to have me as a special guest at your party or event I may be available and you can use my name on invitations and flyers.

Personal Appearances Local Appearances Domestic Appearances International Appearances
1st Day $1000 $4000 $6000
Additonal Days $500 $2000 $2000


Doctor Dribble is a vessel closing the gap between brand and consumers by using his body as an interactive canvas. He inspires others while leaving your competition in the dust. Your customized logo may be temporarily tattooed on his chest, back, and arms, yet your image will be a lasting impression amongst a multitude of onlookers not including the exponential world of social media and more. Don’t drop the ball on this opportunity.

Advertising Type Price per Run
Logo or Name on Chest $3,000
Logo or Name on Back $3,000
Logo or Name on Both Arms $500
Wear a T-Shirt $5,000