April 5th, 2020
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Spring Into April

Transition is a process of change. They say in order to survive you must adapt to change. Florida, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Connecticut have all survived March Madness to advance to the Final Four of this year’s NCAA Tournament. Me and little Revete also advanced! Last week we celebrated our first anniversary in a very romantic restaurant overlooking Miami’s beautiful skyline.

This week is the beginning of April and I feel brand new! It’s my birthday month and I’ve been training hard at Newton’s Method. Kettlebells, Gravity, and Cardio Lab…Oh my!!! Cardio Lab will consist of some brand new moves and brand new music. I’ve been keeping up with a weekly yoga class. I just attended a Lululemon sponsored event, Broga, taught by Jason Lawner. When bros do yoga, that’s what you get. So much fun and a great turnout!

You’re either working hard or hardly working. Over Spring Break I was very pleased with all the kids training with me or attending basketball camp. I recently began training my tallest client ever. Taller than 7’0″, Brooklyn Net, Andray Blatche! I also got to visit 2 great basketball camps this weekends while home in Miami. The first was Court’s 1 on 1 and then Thunderplex.

Next weekend I’ll be watching the Final Four from San Francisco before I run in the Rock n Roll Half Marathon. I can’t wait to run over the Golden Gate Bridge with my basketballs! Doctor Dribble’s Helping Hands will make a surprise visit somewhere on Friday.

I have some important meetings at Roasters n Toasters this week. Hopefully the outcome will be as good as the food! A great breakfast always leads to a great day!

Eat your veggies,

Doctors Orders!

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