April 5th, 2020
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There is a superhero in every one of us. We all have unique super powers that contribute to the world we share. As far as I’m concerned, if you give people a reason to smile, you are saving a life, and that makes you a superhero. This weekend I dribbled through the Disney Avengers Half Marathon in Los Angeles. I gave thousands of runners a reason to smile. Once again the weather conditions made this race one of the most challenging but I gave people hope. In just a few weeks I’ll be providing 24 underprivileged children with a private Doctor Dribble experience. Each one of them will get a brand new basketball, be taught drills, and entertained by yours truly through my charity Doctor Dribble’s Helping Hands. It’s my pleasure but the truth is I wouldn’t be able to inspire these 24 children without the help of superheroes like you that donate to my charity. It’s always been a dream to own and operate a not for profit 501C-3. Your tax-free donation will make a difference regardless if it’s large or small. Please go to www.doctordribble.com/charity or mail check to:

Doctor Dribble’s Helping Hands
16615 SW 82 Ct
Palmetto Bay, FL 33157

I learned from the great John Wooden to control the things I have control over. Throughout the race, gusts of winds constantly hit us from every angle. Almost all of the signs had to be taken down or got knocked down. While those were elements I was unable to change, I concentrated a little more on every bounce. I’m proud that I dribbled every single step of the way. I had to pound the ball and bend my back to get very low to the ground. When I’d do that the wind would blow dirt and sand in my eyes. I later discovered that Spiderman’s nemesis Mr. Sandman was the culprit. He was defeated because I managed to endure and dribble every step of the way.

I wasn’t alone. I ran withy favorite superhero, Black Widow. Together we smashed the half. We also smashed all different types of eggs, pancakes, French toast, and more! It was earned not given. We ate at the famous Griddle Cafe. It’s like no other place I’ve ever been to. If you’re in LA it’s a must try. We even saw LMFAO and his hair enjoying a casual brunch at The Griddle. In fact, Magda is even going to do a podcast on it. You can listen to her podcasts at www.atreve-t.com and soon on iTunes.

LMFAO wasn’t the only celebrity we ran into. We saw King Leonitus himself, Gerard Butler, at Soho House. On Abbot Kinney Blvd we met CCH Pounder, you’d recognize her right away from shows like The Cosby Show, ER, Law and Order, West Wing, and a bunch of movies. At LAX airport we saw Reese Witherspoon. It’s cool to see people you admire from either the big screen or airwaves doing the same things your doing. Running the Avengers Half was Full House star and friend Andrea Barber, Kimmey Gibbler. After running Disney, she hopped on a plane to Vegas to do another half marathon, Rock n Roll’s Strip at Night! I did 2 halves in one day last year so I know how difficult it is. Special congrats to you and the others that did both.

In our short trip to LA, Lil Ball and I tried to pack as much fun as possible. We hiked up to the Hollywood sign and took cool pictures. We also went to Venice Beach. I was kissed by an Angel, a beautiful and sweet, blue nose pit-bull. I jumped into a pick up game of basketball. I was able to hold my own even after tackling the race.

Of all the excitement this weekend, the most thrilling was connecting with Sponge, in West Virginia, through FaceTime. Magda called him during the race so he could see me in action. He had a game later that day and played great. Jonathan finished with 18 points and 15 rebounds in their 3rd win in just as many games this season. Talking to him afterwards was very rewarding. We’ve been through so much and to see him doing well at WVU is a blessing. In just a few days I’ll be in Puerto Rico cheering him on in a big tournament. Magda was head cheerleader so I’ll leave most of the screaming up to her. She can get loud!

I’ll be back to Puerto Rico for a 2 day Doctor Dribble mini-camp December 22-23 in San Juan. More info on that coming this week. I have a lot to look forward to. I am grateful. Thank you for stopping by. Please donate to my charity if you’re able. Regardless I appreciate the support and interest you have in Doctor Dribble. You are what inspires me to perform the things I do.

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