April 5th, 2020
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Julian Marx

I am very thankful for all that coach Darren Weissman AKA Doctor Dribble has done for me. His innovative and high tech drills make our workouts fun and different from any other trainer. Doctor Dribble has challenged me with new drills since I was in 7th grade and still continues to show me things I’ve never seen before. He does whatever it takes. Darren would wake up early to train me almost everyday at 6:00AM before class my junior and senior years of high school. He developed my confidence and has always been there for me through struggle and success. As a freshman at Grinnell College, I finished 2nd in the country in three pointers made. I can’t thank Coach Darren enough for all that he has done to help get me playing at the level I am today!

Julian Marx – Point Guard, Grinnell College

Steve Budin

I run a prominent AAU Basketball program called the Florida Rams. My son is a 5th grade basketball player, and he starts for both the Rams and his Middle School JV team. I wish I could say that my son was born, like so many who play this game, with a gift from God. He has many gifts from God, but none that were necessarily in the Basketball Column.

When he started working with Doctor Dribble he couldn’t dribble 2 balls. He did have a tremendous love and passion for hoops, he did have the desire and willingness to work hard, and most importantly he had an instructor that knew exactly how to get him from a beginner level to where he is now, playing the most competitive Basketball in the country at his age group. Every Basketball trainer has drills and skills routines, and if you have seen one you have seen them all. Doctor Dribble is more than standard drills and skill routines. He is designing and evolving a routine that is catered to your child’s development no matter what level he is at.

My son has had the honor and privilege to train with Doctor Dribble for 3 years now. In that same period of time he has had the opportunity to train with dozens of other talented coaches and trainers between his Travel Team, Summer Camps etc… There is no doubt that Doctor Dribble is alone atop the leader-board when it comes to personal basketball training, but to categorize him as simply a basketball trainer is extremely limiting in its description of what he brings to the table.

Unless you have experienced it, it is hard to completely describe, but I urge you all to experience the Doctor Dribble difference yourself, it will be well worth it!

Steve Budin

Mike Pennie

My son Luke has been working with Darren (AKA “Doctor Dribble”) for a year and 4 months. The development in his ball control and overall game awareness has grown tremendously. Luke has been able to compete with boys that are 3 grades above him and I believe a large reason for that is Darren’s coaching. Darren has the ability to simplify complex moves and has the patience to make sure that the technique is perfect before he moves on to the next phase of the game. Darren is the finest ball handling coach that I have seen at any level, but more than that Darren will challenge your son or daughter to maximize their potential. If they want improve and are willing to put in the effort, Darren will bring them to an advanced level. It has been my privilege to have Darren instruct Luke……we look forward to working with him for many years to come.

Mike Pennie

Brett Heimann

I first started working with Doctor Dribble in Winter break of 2003. I was extremely overweight, and got cut from my middle school basketball team in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. Doctor Dribble helped mold my life into what it is today. After just two years of working with Dr. Dribble I lost over 60 pounds and was named Captain of my High School Varsity team in my freshman year of high school. My dream was to be a collegiate basketball player, and I am proud to say that with the help of Doctor Dribble that dream was accomplished. I have just finished my senior year at Mount Ida College in Newton, MA where I was named Captain my senior year and started at the point guard position every game this season. Doctor Dribble transformed my life and helped me set the foundation of what it means to live a healthy lifestyle through intense fitness, and basketball workouts, and dieting. None of my goals or dreams would have been accomplished if I hadn’t met Doctor Dribble.

Brett Heimann

Alyssa Baron

As a current Division I student athlete at the University of Pennsylvania, I have a lot of people to be thankful for where I am right now but one person who I am extremely grateful for is Darren Weissman AKA Doctor Dribble. I began training with Darren when I was in the fifth grade and I would not have reached the level I am at and the accomplishments I have received without him.
Darren helped develop my ball handling skills by having me do advanced two-ball dribbling drills at a young age, which allowed me to play point guard in high school and has helped at the college level as well at the shooting guard position. Darren, Doctor Dribble, was always the ball handling guru. Not only did I improve my ball handling with Darren but he also developed my shooting and provided me with an array of moves to the basket. As I got older, Darren had me doing intense strength and conditioning workouts that mirror the workouts I now perform at the college level. I was able to improve my speed, agility, and jumping ability because of these workouts. They were never easy but Darren always reminded me that there were other girls out there working out and getting better and that I had to do the same.
Not only did my basketball and athletic skills progress, but I learned valuable lessons on how to study and think the game with more basketball awareness. He taught me mental toughness by never letting me quit. This has translated to my work ethic today and all the success I have earned on and off the court. I regard Darren as a big brother figure as well as a coach because of how much time I have spent with him and how much I have learned from him.

Alyssa Baron – UPENN, Ivy League Scoring Champ

Courtney Young

Where do I start??? First I must say, when I met Darren, he and I were “competitors” in the same business. When we met for the first time, we decided to unite instead of going head to head, setting the example for all kids that life is not about competition, but about relationships. We love teaching children to work hard and go for their dreams. Ever since we joined together directing camps, Darren has been like a brother to me. What makes Doctor Dribble so amazing is that he is one of a kind. There is no one even close. Even though Darren is one of the best in the world at teaching basketball, he teaches children much more. He educates children about life skills and how to never be afraid to go for their dreams. Darren also takes time out of his busy schedule to volunteer for charity and somehow manages to help direct my own basketball camps, making my programs look incredible. If you ever see this doctor, you have to ask him to demonstrate his skills. It is the most impressive display of dribbling I have ever seen. Doctor Dribble is living proof that if you love something and are willing to master it, you can live your life doing what you love for a living. Congrats on breaking the Guinness Book of World Records for fastest marathon dribbling 2 basketballs! This is only the beginning for Doctor Dribble!

Courtney Young, Owner & Operator, Court’s 1 on 1 Sports, LLC