April 5th, 2020
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Brett Heimann

I first started working with Doctor Dribble in Winter break of 2003. I was extremely overweight, and got cut from my middle school basketball team in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. Doctor Dribble helped mold my life into what it is today. After just two years of working with Dr. Dribble I lost over 60 pounds and was named Captain of my High School Varsity team in my freshman year of high school. My dream was to be a collegiate basketball player, and I am proud to say that with the help of Doctor Dribble that dream was accomplished. I have just finished my senior year at Mount Ida College in Newton, MA where I was named Captain my senior year and started at the point guard position every game this season. Doctor Dribble transformed my life and helped me set the foundation of what it means to live a healthy lifestyle through intense fitness, and basketball workouts, and dieting. None of my goals or dreams would have been accomplished if I hadn’t met Doctor Dribble.

Brett Heimann