April 5th, 2020
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Steve Budin

I run a prominent AAU Basketball program called the Florida Rams. My son is a 5th grade basketball player, and he starts for both the Rams and his Middle School JV team. I wish I could say that my son was born, like so many who play this game, with a gift from God. He has many gifts from God, but none that were necessarily in the Basketball Column.

When he started working with Doctor Dribble he couldn’t dribble 2 balls. He did have a tremendous love and passion for hoops, he did have the desire and willingness to work hard, and most importantly he had an instructor that knew exactly how to get him from a beginner level to where he is now, playing the most competitive Basketball in the country at his age group. Every Basketball trainer has drills and skills routines, and if you have seen one you have seen them all. Doctor Dribble is more than standard drills and skill routines. He is designing and evolving a routine that is catered to your child’s development no matter what level he is at.

My son has had the honor and privilege to train with Doctor Dribble for 3 years now. In that same period of time he has had the opportunity to train with dozens of other talented coaches and trainers between his Travel Team, Summer Camps etc… There is no doubt that Doctor Dribble is alone atop the leader-board when it comes to personal basketball training, but to categorize him as simply a basketball trainer is extremely limiting in its description of what he brings to the table.

Unless you have experienced it, it is hard to completely describe, but I urge you all to experience the Doctor Dribble difference yourself, it will be well worth it!

Steve Budin