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A Town Called Paradise

June 23rd, 2014

John Wooden says that “after love, balance is most important.” He would be proud of me. I’ve been successful at balancing many things recently besides my basketballs. Maybe it’s because I doubled up on yoga. I even kept my best balance holding a handstand yet! Still room for improvement though. Practice makes perfect!

Things are easier when you have rhythm so I’ve been jamming out to Tiesto’s new album since it released Tuesday! “Footprints” motivates me. I’m trying to leave my footprints all over the world! In fact I’m listening to it as I write this blog. After running my last marathon, instructing my last basketball clinic, training my last client, I want a legacy of how I impacted others in a positive way to hopefully lead others to follow in my footsteps.

I ate well balanced meals at Roasters’ n Toasters. Healthy lifestyles are contagious. It makes me happy to see others eating healthy and making an effort to improve. If it’s green it’s good! Whether you eat them or drink them, veggies are a must, and there’s so many different kinds. I had the best meal in a long time at Il Gabianno. The branzino was amazing as was the tuna tartar and octopus carpaccio but what made it complete were the grilled vegetables!

I rocked another Rock n Roll Half Marathon! This weekend I was in back in Seattle. Last year  I ran the full marathon. This year I opted to run “the full half!” I got to explore beautiful places like Lake Serene and Picnic Park Beach. I met a lab named Diesel that likes to play fetch in ice cold water. He reminded me of Casper, my old dog. With the help of a Tyler, I learned about the Public Market on Pike, the Space Needle, a giant ferris wheel and more. I connected with a Lululemon store. The ambassador love is unreal! I feel like family everywhere I go. Besides the best clothes they also have the best cheer stations! I have a pic to prove it.

The race itself was perfect! Cool and sunny weather from start to finish. We ran along beautiful views of water. I got to dribble beside some of my favorite runners and made lots of new friends. Seattle showed lots of love and Rock n Roll knows how to turn a race into an event! From the expo, to the race, to the concert was a party! That’s right, The Presidents Of The United States were electric and Sir Mix A Lot came out to perform “Baby Got Back!” It was so much fun a bunch of finishers even scurried up enough energy to dance on stage with him!

So what’s next? Maybe Chicago, Sea Wheeze, Virginia Beach. Depends on some heavy hitters. They want to step up to the plate but all I can do is concentrate on remaining balanced. I find I’m most balanced at Newton’s Method where every workout is humbling yet encouraging because the more you do the better you get but it’s never easy! Nothing truly rewarding comes easy. There’s no greater feeling than attaining a goal after busting your butt over and over again. One of the few things I liked about the movie “Pain and Gain” was when Mark Wahlberg’s character says that he “believes in fitness.” So do I. It goes beyond the physical achievements but inspires me to put forth the same effort into other areas of my life because regardless of the subject, you get out what you put in.  

This week I’ll be training two ballers from Puerto Rico. They’ve been coming down to Miami to train with me during breaks the past five years and get better and better every time I see them. I remember first thing we ever worked on was their weak hand. I’d drill them constantly and the only time they could use their strong hand was when they’d dribble two basketballs at once! Then I had to get them to shoot without their off hand influencing the shot and get rotation. Developing these things can be like pulling teeth. I thought they were going to hate me but these kids were disciplined and determined.

Patience is a virtue and sometimes the slower you go the faster you accelerate.




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