April 5th, 2020
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White Hot!

As I reflect on the busy week that passed I can’t help but think of family. I spent a lot of time with Magda and Roman, saw my aunt and uncle at Passover, celebrated April’s birthday with my Newton Method family, spoke to Sponge nearly everyday, talked to my sister in NY, and saw my brother from another mother, Jonathan! I love my family and it extends beyond blood.

Monday was Passover and all week I was eating matzoh ball soup, mushroom farfalle, tzimmes, charoset, and different kugels at none other than Roaster’s n Toaster’s! Rabi Saul Weissman led a small but wonderful Seder. Roman found his first Afikoman with a little help and even less competition. I remember the days at my grandfather’s house when me, my sister, and cousins would tear the place apart looking for it. Charna usually won.

I love to make Lil Ball laugh out loud but Friday night I didn’t have to. From Deuce Bigalow, 50 First Dates, Grown Ups, Saturday Night Live and soon The Real Rob, we saw Rob Schneider live at the new Improv Comedy Club! He was hilarious! His opening act, Jamie Lissow, was a riot too, and nice enough to take a pic with us. In a few weeks we’ll be back to see Carlos Mencia!

After a long 82 game season the NBA playoffs are finally here! My team is the defending back to back champs. Saturday Magda, Roman, and I got to meet Norris Cole at Michael Jordan’s family owned sneaker boutique Solefly and on Easter Sunday we saw our Miami Heat defeat Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Bobcats!

Live to fulfill your dreams. You only have one life so do your very best. John Wooden defined success as “peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.” Are you doing your best? What are you capable of? I am proud of how far Doctor Dribble has come and where I’m taking it. As I hear about the impact I have on others I am humbled and even more motivated. Motivation is a fuel that can drive you anywhere! Keep your foot on the gas and stay in the fast lane. There’s plenty of things to do!

Did you know that Dr. James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, had a rule that after every field goal made, rather than inbounding a pass, there would be a jump ball at half court? It wasn’t until 1938 that this rule was eliminated. Just something very random that I learned.

One dribble at a time,


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